GE Fanuc has developed a wide range of automation hardware products and services that are easy to deploy. Because their architecture is open and scalable, it will integrate with your existing multi-vendor system and allow you to start small and grow on your terms.

Now, you can connect the equipment on your plant floor to the business systems in your corporate office to get the strategic edge over your competition.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC Control Systems)
MOST Process Control System
The modular, open system technologies behind this process control system allow it to work with the HMI visualization platform of your choice.

Proficy SafetyNet 
GE Fanuc’s certified SIL2 safety system is ruggedized to withstand extreme process environments and provide for emergency shutdown control providing you with a safety solution when you need it most.

PACSystems RX7i
Part of the PAC family of solutions designed with more power, memory and bandwidth to handle mid-to high-end applications while providing all the innovative functionality of the other PACSystem platforms.

PACSystems RX3i
An integrated Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) solution – combines flexibility, openness, and performance without the historical burden of migration path or conversion, all at an affordable price.

Series 90-70
PLCs designed to take on the most demanding and complex applications requiring large numbers of I/O and greater amounts of process memory.

Series 90-30
Whether for a simple relay replacement or a more sophisticated mid-range automation system, this versatile PLC, with its innovative architecture and modular design, fits a wide rage of applications.

QuickPanel Control & View
GE Fanuc’s series of bundled control and visualization solutions which integrates our bestselling QuickPanel touchscreens with our award-winning CIMPLICITY Machine Edition software.

VersaMax PLC

Part of an innovative control family that combines a powerful CPU with a broad selection of I/O modules, terminations, and power supplies. Communication modules link to a variety of networks.

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