INVT holds the leading position in its main business of inverter manufacturing, which can provide a wide range of high, mid, and low-voltage general-purpose and industry-specific inverters with voltages ranging from 220V-10KV and a power range between 0.4-8000KW.

They are widely applied to the industries of lifting, mining, metallurgy, textiles, machine tools, chemical, plastics, oil and gas, municipal, cement, power, etc. Except for the inverters, INVT can also provide customers with PLC, HMI, UPS, BPD, servo and motion systems, wind power inverters, Static Var Generator (SVG) and photovoltaic inverters.

CHV 180 Series:

INVT has special professional driver for elevator just designed for elevator industry which is

CHV 180 Series, it not only can control the tractor which driven by gear. but also can control the tractor which driven without gear. it preeminent function and performance can easily matches with elevator control, so it ensures the safety and comfortable level of elevator.

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