Mitsubishi Electric PLC

High functionality model (FX3U/FX3UC):

Faster, friendlier. Realize high expandability and high functionality.
From high speed control to network support and even logging is possible. FX3 series flagship model FX3U and connector type FX3UC: 2 models are available.

MELSEC-A Series:

QnACPU features a superior performance and large capacity to support any type of systems:

  • When used for large systems, 4,096 I/O points, a program memory capacity of 124k steps and expansions up to 7 levels are supported.
  • When many types of special function units are used or when a large number of processes are controlled designs and changes can be implemented quickly through the distribution of tasks among programs.
  • Adjustments and changes in the field, as well as remote monitoring, can be performed simultaneously when the centralized administration of a distributed system is required, or when administration is required in the field.
  • Existing systems can be upgraded to systems with an accelerated processing speed and increased functionality of the AnCPU system, simply by replacing the sequencer CPU and some special function units.

MELSEC-Q Series:

Current production requirements are calling for an increase in productivity and carrying out production processes even faster due to an increase in production information such as production results and traceability.
The MELSEC-Q Series programmable controller “Universal model QnU” is a leader for these market needs. High-speed basic instruction processing on a micro scale dramatically increases your system and machine performance.
Inheriting the high robust and ease of use design of the Q Series, the MELSEC QnU programmable controller will open up new possibilities in automation solutions